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The Best Betting Sites in Ireland

There’s a long history of gambling in Ireland, that stretches back well before it achieved independence around a hundred years ago. Irish gamblers enjoyed placing bets on a regular basis and Ireland houses one of the largest betting operators in the world in Paddy Power. Many sports are popular in Ireland, in particular football. Gamblers in Ireland can also enjoy betting on a number of unique events such as Gaelic football, camogie, and hurling. There was a time when there was a major grey market operating in Ireland, serving Irish gamblers, but this changed when the 2015 Betting Amendment Act was passed. This act allowed for the regulation of the Irish iGaming market.

Did you know?
• Around 15% of people in Ireland regularly place bets
• There are currently 299 betting companies operating as sportsbooks in Ireland
• Gambling winnings will not be taxed in Ireland. Gambling laws are a little unclear when it comes to sports trading.
• The popularity of MMA fighter Conor McGregor has led to a rise of betting on MMA
• The minimum age for gambling in Ireland was recently raised to 18 years

The Irish Betting Environment


Proper regulation, combined with low taxes, has created a thriving betting market for Ireland. Typically land-based shops are dotted across Ireland, and 630 of them belong to the top three for operators with the rest run by minor operators in the country. The Department of Justice has issued just under 300 online betting licences. These licences come with operator fees of €10,000 every two year, 15% on gross gaming revenue, as well as a 1% on total turnover that will go directly to the state. It’s expected that this last fee will be scrapped in the coming months, following the Department of Finance reviewing the Betting Act 2015. Betting websites operating without a proper licence will be subject to a €150,000 fine. As hefty earth that fine sounds, it can be doubled for repeat offenders. Even though it was expected that the act would be changed in 2016, this date was later pushed back to 2019, and the only recent change has been raising the minimum age of gambling from 16 to 18 years old.


as has been seen with other countries, the shared choice of betting sites coupled with the low taxes means gamblers are able to effortlessly find a bookie that offers great odds. Another great thing about betting in Ireland is that weddings are not taxed, but the law is a little unclear when it comes to ”trading” as this can be considered an income stream and not a recreational activity like straight gambling itself is. The gambling landscape has changed in Ireland, with Irish gamblers choosing to turn towards online bookmakers rather than brick and mortar betting shops and racetracks. This has had a predictable negative impact on traditional betting turnovers.

Competition Among Bookmakers

The Irish online gambling market is dominated by local Irish legend Paddy Power. It is estimated that after merging with Betfair in 2016, Paddy Power is now in control of around 70% of the entire Irish gambling market. Paddy Power isn’t the only game in town, however, and there are several other popular betting sites in Ireland. This includes 10bet, Betfair, Matchbook, and Bet365. There is also Bwin, the only operator not based in Ireland or Britain to crack the list of the top ten Irish betting sites. The favourable tax rate in Ireland, coupled with the transparent regulations, mean betting sites in the country are constantly competing against each other and it comes to odds on bonuses. This creates an excellent environment for Irish bettors to take advantage of. There’s no end of excellent bonuses and odds when using Irish betting sites.

Payment Methods

Irish betting sites provide plenty of choice when it comes to payment methods, whether it is deposits or withdrawals. Users are able to make deposits and withdrawals using just about any method they can think of. Bank transfers, Solo, Switch, PayPal, Laser, credit and virtual cards, Skrill, and Neteller are all widely accepted. Will someone prefers to make your payments through mobile, you are able to use Boku. This app is mostly used by younger gamblers. It provides a fast, effective, and secure payment solution. The only thing to keep in mind, is that it comes with transaction limits of €30 a day.

Bookie Comment

Ireland made the right moves two years ago when they decided to follow in the footsteps of the UK and regulate online gambling. The UK saw success with this, and so did Ireland. Having low taxes and offering lots of licences will always work in the favour of the players, as the more competition there is between online sportsbooks, the better the odds for players. Bookies have to provide better deals and better odds in order to draw in players. This is obviously great for players. It is obviously true that raising the minimum age requirements for gambling was positive when it comes to keeping children safe, however, Ireland still has to tackle the rising rates of youth gambling addiction in the country. One thing that were all waiting for right now, is what alterations will be made to Irish gambling laws as a result of the proposed Betting Act in 2019. Only time will tell what the future gambling market of Ireland will look like.